How to make Bobotie Balls !!

Don’t you hate it when you get home after a long day at work and all that’s left in your fridge is tomato sauce and a few carrots? That is why I started using UCOOK! What is it, Suzelle? It’s a service that delivers meals to your door. All the ingredients come in boxes and you cook it at home like a Michelin Star chef. So, for the month of May you’re gonna find my recipes in the UCOOK boxes. And today, we are going to make one of my favorite dishes, Bobotie Balls!

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You will get:
Beef Mince
Spice Mix
Bay Leaves
Mrs Ball’s Chutney
Jasmine Rice

You will need:
Salt & Pepper
Cooking Oil
Paper Towel

DIY? Because anybody can.

Special thanks to my BFFE’s at UCOOK for sponsoring this episode. Don’t forget to try my other recipes in Suzelle UCOOK boxes for the month of May! It’s so easy!

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