Recipies For Meals In A Jar Part 2 7 30 12

Recipies For Meals In A Jar Part 2  7 30 12

OK, here is the rest of the list…Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Chef Tess’ Baked Ziti
In a quart jar:

2/3 C Tomato powder
1 T Italian Seasoning
1/3 C Freeze-dried (or dehydrated) Onions
1/3 C Freeze-dried Mushrooms
1/3 C Freeze-dried Sausage Crumbles
2/3 C Freeze-dried Ground Beef
1 C (3 oz) Ziti noodles
In a baggie at the top (if you have room, and I didn’t buy any) put 2/3 C Freeze-dried Mozzarella cheese.

Place the jar ingredients in a deep skillet with 5 C water, bring to a boil on med-hi and simmer for 20-30 min. (I used 6 1/2 C water because I added more noodles). While that is simmering, take the Mozzarella out of the bag and place in a bowl. Spritz cheese with water and let it rehydrate until soft. Once meal is ready, take off heat and sprinkle cheese over the top and let it sit until melted.

This can also be done in the oven (or solar oven) at 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

Perbain’s Minestrone

In a quart jar:
2/3 C Tomato Powder
1/3 C Onions (dehydrated or freeze-dried)
1 1/2 to 2 T Italian Seasoning
1 t Garlic Powder or Granules
1 t beef Boullion
1 handful Quick-cook Red Beans
1 handful Freeze-dried Mixed Vegetables
1 handful FD/Dehydrated Potato Dices
1 handful Dehydrated Peppers (your choice)
1 handful FD/Dehydrated Mushrooms
1 handful Noodles (your choice)
(If you have any room left in the jar, you can add FD meat of your choice)

Place contents of jar in a pot and add 8 C water and more noodles if you wish. Bring to a boil and simmer until noodles are tender and you obtain the consistency you wish!

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